Drawstring Bags & Lanyard in Singapore

In recent years a drawstring bag has become a popular commodity in Singapore. From college to a sports match, business to tradeshows, and traveling, these drawstring bags perfectly fit in every need.

A handy drawstring bag is simply perfect for students and travelers with so many ways to reuse it. These drawstring bags are becoming an important part of product packing for business folks also. These are sustainable, reusable, and less wasteful with countless utilitarian than backpacks or plastic bags.

Uses of drawstring bags:

Custom drawstring bags with a variety of sizes and material are useful for different purposes:

  • Drawstring bags are ideal promotional gifts for new members of gym and fitness centers. Fitness obsessed people can keep their towel, exercise suit, and shoes in this bag.
  • Travel lovers use drawstring bags to put their essentials and be ready to explore the paths and ways. These are best for biking, hiking, and adventure in the woods.
  • Students also use these handy bags to keep their essentials safe with them.
  • For colourful and chic professional items for a business, these custom drawstring bags are ideal packing stuff with a great feature of free advertisement of a product.


Drawstring bag Singapore:

With great affordability and impressive functionality drawstring bag, Singapore is a product highly sought-after for all sorts of industries. Moreover, the custom drawstring bag Singapore is an effective and easier way to enhance one’s corporate image and raise brand awareness.

Custom drawstring bag Singapore:

A range of custom drawstring bags in Singapore is available where you simply pick your design, colour, sizing, and get the best quality bags for you. Custom drawstring bag Singapore is available online with a wonderful opportunity to print designs such as writing, colour blocks, beautiful motifs, etc.

You can search for the best quality materials, and the designers will automatically spawn high-quality drawstring bag products. Advanced technology operated printing machines support this fast-production process. With this professional effort, you can get quality drawstring bags in a very limited time.

Lanyard strings Singapore

Whether you love it or hate it, but lanyards are one of the essentials that are the mainstay in the academic and work environment. This kind of nifty item actually has an important purpose.

A lanyard has a loop having a sewn length of the material fitted with a hook or a clip-on end. This is worn around the neck with an ID badge or keys hanging from the end fitting. These lanyards are made from a variety of materials, but polyester is the most favourite among institutes and companies. Polyester is a comfortable and affordable Lanyard string material at the same time.

Lanyard as a promotional item:

These lanyard strings can be personalized or customized with a logo, company name, contact details, and other information that could be depleted up by potential buyers and customers. The flat printable area is utilized to make a prime advertising space.

Uses of lanyard strings:

  • Lanyard strings assure safety by keeping the identity of the wearer visible at all times.
  • You have your selfish reasons also to wear this lanyard string. To avoid missing ID issues and no bag problem, this hands-free identity is effectively beneficial.
  • The lanyard can be ideally used for quick identification of people with access to restricted and secured areas. Simple unprinted lanyard Singapore in different colours are also helpful to identify people of varying security access. A colour-coded ID card hanging from the clip is also used for specific area entry identifications.
  • These lanyard strings are excellent in government institutions because of the safety ratings and around medical facilities to free up the hands of medical personnel and nurses.
  • These are also useful for social events, fundraising charity programs, and parties where everyone is not allowed.
  • People wear lanyards souvenirs also. These can be wonderful keepsakes to recall the exciting moment and the exact company that gave this to them. Sending lanyards to customers as a souvenir to a company or brand can increase the sales volume indirectly.

Want to buy some lanyard strings!

Lanyards Singapore has a vast range of lanyards, and the majority of these lanyard strings are made to accept slogan, logo, or message. You can order customized lanyards that are made to suit your requirements from material thickness to fittings.