Branded Lanyards – Best Promotional Items for a Business

Lanyard, also named keycard, is a versatile and useful product that is essentially composed of a strap designed to hang around the neck to hold information, ID, keys, USB devices, badge cards, etc. In addition to all these impressive benefits, these lanyards also have a strong ability to use powerful advertising tools. These lanyards are available in various standard colors, and producers also offer direct and printed lanyards to use in multiple applications and suit every budget.

customized corporate gifts

Branded lanyards effectively promote a brand, mission statement, slogan, or company logo and attract people to learn more about a business or mission. Branded lanyard Singapore is one of the best customized corporate gifts Singapore at in a range of materials, colors, and widths. These lanyards in Singapore allow for branding, personalization, and critical messages.

You can use these branded professional lanyards in Singapore for several benefits:

  • Represent your brand effectively:

Branded lanyards are useful in two ways:

  • Make the brand acquaintance with the person who owns one
  • Raise brand familiarity to anyone who sees it

It impacts human psychology as any time someone picks up this lanyard and puts it on, they notice and think about your particular brand. When they wear the lanyard, other people even have a chance to see it. This is the case for just one person with one lanyard. Now you can estimate how many people a brand can reach with all the lanyards they give out.

Versatility is an Added Plus:

Lanyards are versatile, and people from various walks of life use these info holders regularly. From students to scientists, engineers to doctors, and models to designers, these lanyards contribute to almost every field. A branded lanyard can be used in several respects, not necessarily by giving them out at gatherings. At any time, you can give your lanyards to someone you want, or these are ideal as customized corporate gifts in Singapore. The receivers of these branded lanyards may include:

  • Clients
  • Students
  • Neighborhood events
  • Colleges
  • Stores
  • Everyone and anyone can use them:

You know what? This is one of those practical corporate gifts people wear lanyards to use them.

Just imagine!

  • People are using lanyards to carry their keys
  • Students use campus lanyards to track their ID
  • Professionals use them to maintain their badges in the office
  • Some people even use it to carry their cell phones around their necks

Different people wear lanyards with various uses, and it might be the most beneficial kind of customized corporate gifts, Singapore that is multi-purposed also. Because of being practical in use, the people who get it don’t want to put it in their closets and forget about it. They wear it while they are at work, around town, or even use it outside the country.

And when they’re wearing it, other people are seeing it, too. By handing out branded lanyards, Singapore, you are getting other people to help you with your marketing. Branded lanyards Singapore also can reach out to customers that your other marketing campaigns have not been able to.

Affordable and Easy to Make:

When you plan to attend a conference or other event at the last minute, lanyards are easy to customize. Unlike other promotional products, these can be available for a limited time.

You just have to select the sort of lanyard you want and choose the desired message you want to be written on it. After that, most manufacturers will bring the lanyards together and get them to you in less than a week. Lanyards are a lot cheaper than any other advertisement medium. Stuff like TV and radio ads, signs, banners, and internet advertising costs a lot of money. You can save a lot of money by making and giving out lanyards.


Lanyards can be used for so many needs in offices and homes. These can hold important documents, receipts, tickets, and other small papers together. These can be used to keep items together, like odd keys.

Branded lanyards Singapore are an efficient publicity tool. If you are looking for a promotional piece to give out, get your personalized company lanyards. The high-quality printed lanyards by “EzGift” come at a very affordable price. They can be written on both sides and according to particular preferences. Ensure that your brand logo stands out in every case and that you have a valuable accessory to your current or future clients!