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Lanyard Only + 1 color print / side:
$4.30 per pc 
500pcs: $1.30 per pc  
1000pcs: $0.95 per pc


Lanyard + 1 color print / side + 1 Plastic Card Holder:
500pcs: $1.50 per pc               1000pcs: $1.15 per pc
*Credit Card Size for Card Holder.

Delivery Timeline: 15 – 20 working days upon confirmation of artwork

Product Rating: 5/5
Review Count: 15

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Size: 90cm x 2cm

Towel Colors: White, Black, Royal Blue, Red, Green, Orange

Card Holder Options:

Card Holder Options

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Get the best personalized lanyard in Singapore

A lanyard is a strap worn around the neck to usually carry identity cards and this is pretty prevalent in all organizations these days. Lanyard in Singapore has got a lot better over the years and also, there are many stores in Singapore dealing with this.

If you want to get the best personalized lanyards for your organization too, it is never difficult now that there are many brilliant stores in Singapore to help you with this.

Why a personalized lanyard over a regular lanyard?

If this is the question bothering you right now, you can find the answer yourself by simply checking some of the recent images of lanyard from all over the world and what you will find common in most of the images is the fact that all the lanyard have a print of their respective organization names on them.

This little branding or customization is really worth it since even before one can take a look at your employees’ identity cards, one will be clearly able to see the name of your organization printed on the strap.

As a matter of fact, organizations these days are trying to capitalize on every single opportunity to get more limelight for them and a personalized lanyard can offer a certain extent of the limelight too by its customization. This is the reason that no one uses a plain lanyard anymore for one’s staff.

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Where to get the best personalized lanyard in Singapore?

It is commendable about the way the outlook of business has changed over the years and also, it is interesting about the many innovative product stores and suppliers that have come up in recent years to support businesses in Singapore irrespective of size. In fact, there are many corporate gifts and product stores in Singapore these days that will not only help manufacture the products for you but also, design and customize them just the way you want.

Most of these stores have a brilliant track record so far and offer you every single product that you may ever need for any of your marketing campaigns or corporate events. Lanyard in Singapore is one such product that is commonly needed by organizations and you can easily have the best lanyard designed from any of these stores in Singapore.

How to go about choosing the best store to order lanyards from?

Although you do not have to worry much and most of such stores available in Singapore are pretty reliable, you can still have a little bit of comparison and also, bear a few important points in mind while looking for s store to order lanyard in Singapore. Here is what you can do:

1. You may ask friends or relatives about the best stores to get a lanyard from or simply google it 2. Check the first few results by visiting their websites 3. Compare the pricing, products, and support 4. Read the various online reviews pertaining to their services to know their track record 5. Check the minimum order quantity. Usually, it is 500 pcs. 6. Check the delivery time.

Once you choose a store bearing in mind all the above important points, you will certainly be able to find a reliable store. However, do not forget to check the material of the lanyard by stepping into their store since this is something you cannot figure out by simply visiting one’s website.

You may also, call the support for more information. Once you are certain about the material, you can work on the information you want to have printed on the lanyard and also, choose a proper color for the lanyard.



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