Travel Adapters – An Out of the Box Yet an Excellent Corporate Gifts

At first glance, travel adapters seem like a humdrum concern, and there is nothing much to think about it.

Just pick one and move on, correct?

Actually, it’s not this much simple. Surely, most of them offer almost the same convenience. Particular, size, speed, sturdiness, and weight can make or break your entire travel experience. Travel adapters are the truest and most sincere companions during any of your personal or official visits. With every passing day, these travel adapters are emerging as the most useful travel corporate gifts.

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‘’Customized Corporate Gifts Singapore’’ has the widest range of customized corporate gifts in Singapore. When it comes to corporate gifting, Customized Corporate Gifts Singapore’’ is providing universal /customized travel adapters that everyone wishes to receive. It is the most commonly used item definitely has to be the most common and handy useful item that every corporate traveller definitely must bring along with. This most useful and advantageous product is the most popular corporate gift item in Singapore.

Travel adapters are the best corporate gifts in Singapore:

A universal travel adapter is a cost-effective and functional product that has a lasting brand image on it. Travelling inside Singapore and all around the world has a norm today, it is the most practical corporate travel gift that you can give to anyone.

All of these ‘’Customized Corporate Gifts Singapore’’ quality travel adapters in affordable prices, but you can also get customized travel adapters with well-printed LOGO of your company or business. These adapters not only add the branding benefits, but it is a kind of friendly gesture too.

Qualities & features of a best Universal plug or a good travel adapter:

There are four main features you need to look for a Universal plug:

4-configurations Charger:

For the best quality travel charger, it is a must to cater to 4 configurations. These are the US, Australia, Europe, and China pins. This is one solution for all charging problems, and it allows you to travel to over 150 centuries.

Multiple USB Port:

Travel adapters must have multiple USB ports to charge Smartphone and Laptop anytime, anywhere.

Best quality:

Retardant material is used to manufacture a quality adapter that burns slowly in case of fire. This raw material for travel adapter makes it durable, and retardant.

Smart features:

Electrical appliances need different voltage to work smoothly. These travel adapters have a safety fuse to avoid a potential fire. It provides multiple voltages to take care of and have an auto-reset fuse to avoid a potential fire. To add more protection auto-reset fuse is also added. Easy access and safety lock mechanism are the bonuses. The child-safe locking mechanism will be handy for travellers with children.


Find the best travel adapter having all the features to fulfil your needs from Customized Corporate Gifts Singapore. You can also get customized travel adapters with name or LOGO printed on it. All the travel adapters come in different configurations that make it useful for 150 countries. These travel adapters with high on usability are convenient and thoughtful, customized corporate gifts. You can also ask for a comprehensive customization service!

Best travel adapters with future technology:

Here are few of the high-quality, impressive travel adapters that are considered as best customized corporate gifts Singapore:

• Travel adapter with USB port Type C:

Travel adapter with Type C USB port is the most modernized and dynamic smart gadget. This two way and allow for bidirectional charging adapter is not only a fast charger, but it can power up a laptop too.

• USB port:

This stylish travel adapter is actually for gadget lovers. With 4 international settings to avoid current leakage, 4 smart USP port at 5 Ampere each, IC charging to detect the large current require. This elegant and impressive USB port is only 140 gram with zip cover.

• A multiple purpose travel adapters:

This charger can be used in almost 150 countries. With 5000mAh power bank and 4 configurations, it can charge up to 2 devices. This is so much beneficial when it is required to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

• Mini Dual USB Adapter:

This simple and small adapter is equipped with 3 USB ports, and it has one Type C Port also.