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30pc – 99pcs: $3.50per pc
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500pcs: $2.90 per pc               1000pcs: $2.70 per pc

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Product Description

Travel AdaptersUse in UK, EU, US, and AU

3 interchangeable prongs

Include protective case

Packaging: White box

Colour available: White, Black, Blue



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If you are looking to have some brilliant products for your corporate events or any marketing campaign, think about the products that most of the people extensively use nowadays. It should not be hard to visualize and one of such products happens to be smartphones.

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Whatever reasons one might need to use a smartphone for, it is always a little annoying and some time, inconvenient to see your smartphone running completely out of charge.

What if you are traveling and your phone runs out of charge while you are in the middle of some important activity on your phone? You will feel like wanting to break your phone out of being frustrated, won’t you? The same thing holds true for a laptop or a Tablet.

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