Gifting is the Best Way to Please Someone

Businesses need to keep many people pleased so that they can carry on smoothly. Businesses face a lot of tough situations and they need different people to support them in such situations. This is why companies cultivate and nurture relationships with various entities. Whether it is their customers, employees, business partners or other people, companies always ensure that there is a personal relationship over and above business dealings.

How do you tell someone that you value your relationship with them? You cannot simply call up a person and tell them that you value their friendship. The best way to express your gratitude for their relationship is to give them gifts when the occasion arises. Companies use many occasions like festivals and other important dates to gift many people and this is how they maintain their relationships with those associated with them.



The Difficulties in Giving Gifts

When the time for gifting comes many corporations in Singapore prefer to hand over money packets to their employees, business partners, and others. This is an easy choice because you don’t have to worry about selecting the gifts and wondering whether the recipient will like it. There are many other benefits to avoiding purchasing any gifts. You don’t know what gifts are likely to make the most impact. You also don’t know whether or not the gift is something the person needs.

Giving a gift involves a lot of work. During festival season giving gifts is a big task for any company. Many people must be gifted so that they can maintain their relationship. It is a huge task for selecting gifts for all these people. You cannot buy the same gifts for all the people. You may be gifting people of various levels in a company and you cannot give everyone gifts of the same value. This can make it pretty difficult.

The sheer logistics involved in the purchase and distribution of the gifts are overwhelming. You must find a good supplier of quality gifts. You must ensure that you get these gifts on time for distribution during the festive season. You must also make sure that you have enough people to distribute these gifts. You may have to personally give some of these gifts. All these need a lot of time and transport facilities. There is an excellent way to avoid all these troubles and still keep everyone happy.


Following the Chinese Tradition Of Money Packets

Giving red packets or money packets is a very old tradition followed by the Chinese from very ancient days. People consider red lucky by the Chinese and it is the red packet that is considered more valuable than the money inside it. The tradition goes back to the olden days when the money was given to children to protect them from a ghost on New Year’s Eve. But the tradition has spread to others and other occasions too.

People give red envelopes or money packets to almost everyone during the new year and there is usually a rush of orders of these envelopes with the gift companies during these times. The red packets nowadays are available in different designs and decorations. There are various kinds of printing done on the envelope which is still maintained in the same red color. They also make the envelopes in different materials based on how much the customers want to spend.

As the demand for the red envelopes increase the gift companies are coming up with innovative ideas of making the covers and printing on it. They are using various materials to make the cover more attractive. They do printing and heat to decorate the cover in different ways. This gives companies to customize the envelopes in the way they want. This way they can stand out among the various red packets a person will receive during the season.

Etiquettes for Giving Red Envelopes

The Chinese are very familiar with how a red envelope should be given and received. However, officials in other companies may not be familiar with the tradition and it is always advisable to check a few things before they hand over the envelope to the person. When a money packet is given the notes in the packet must be fresh and crisp. Old and soiled notes are not a good way of showing your regards to the tradition. When giving money packets no coins are put inside it.

Another Chinese tradition is that the amount that is included in the money packet must not have the number ‘4’. This digit is considered unlucky by the Chinese and they give hence no amount having this number. But ‘8’ is considered very lucky and so you can go for this number. The red envelopes are given and received with both hands. They can practice this for other gifts because giving a gift with both hands enhances its value.

Giving the Best Gifts to Your Employees

Giving red packets to employees is also a practice among the Chinese and is popularly being followed by other companies in Singapore. But this cannot be given on all occasions. There should other gifts which can be given to your employees. When it comes to employees you are very familiar with their family and other background information. This will help you to give the best gift based on their preference. Whatever be the monetary benefits they get from the company employees always like to receive a gift from the company.


There are many gifts that you can offer your employees. It will be good to select something that they can use in the family. This will help to raise their status among the family. Everyone likes to show their family how much the company they work for cares for them. Cutlery set in Singapore is something that is used daily and can be the best gift you give to your employees. They will use it regularly and think of the company with gratitude.

An advantage of buying cutlery sets as gifts is that they are available in different sizes, items, and prices. You can choose the one for the employee based on his position in the company. You will also be able to get them in various designs and colors. You must find a good gifts supplier to sell you these gifts in good quality and at the best prices.