Unique Farewell Gift Ideas for your Colleague

How does it feel to see a colleague departing after having worked for several years together? It certainly would feel sad but while it feels sad, it actually indicates what a valuable role one has played in your life and the kind of affection you have for one. We always believe that one should always convey one’s affection towards the other as long as one has some affection. If you need to convey your affection to your colleague on one’s farewell in Singapore, you need to look for the best corporate gifts in Singapore.  A farewell is certainly the right time to convey your gratitude and affection towards the person on one’s departure or retirement.

As a matter of fact, choosing the right gift for one can be a bit challenging. However, you should not really have much difficulty in actually knowing your colleague’s choice after having spent so much time together. Despite the fact, if you are still finding it difficult to go about it, we have got your back. We are EzGift and we are one of the most reliable corporate Gifts Suppliers in Singapore. At EzGift, we have a wide range of gift items for various customers and their requirements. We have the best corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore and we have proved it over the years.  Here’s our list of a few excellent Farewell Gifts that you can give to your colleague:

Water Bottles: Exciting Colors & Designs

If you are looking for a gift item that will be pretty useful to the receiver, A set of Water Bottles can be a perfect gift for anyone irrespective of their ages. As a matter of fact, there are water bottles of various exciting designs and colors available in the market these days.

In fact, a lot of retailers in Singapore have been selling our Water Bottles in Singapore over the years and have a very good opinion about them. We are looking forward to adding more exciting designs to our collection.

Notebook with Pen: An Excellent Productivity Tool

Although there is no denying the fact that people prefer using digital notebooks such as Google Keep, Evernote, OneNote and more, paper notebooks still are a lot useful as it takes you to take a note really faster without having the need to go online. This is the reason that a lot of people still consider paper notebooks as a very useful productivity tool.

Our ECO Notebook with Pen has a very huge demand among the people and is considered as one of the best corporate gifts among many companies. It is one of such gifts that will certainly fascinate the receiver.

Heavy Duty Power Bank:  A Useful Item for Every Smartphone User

Considering the extensive use of smartphones these days, it would not be a wrong thing to give a Heavy Duty Power Bank to a colleague as a farewell gift. Every time your colleague uses this item, you would certainly remember you. As a matter of fact, our Heavy Duty Power Bank is extensively used by the many people in Singapore.

Also, they have found it to be pretty affordable than the other Power Banks available in the market.

Coffee Mug: A Very Good Gift Option

Coffee Mug as a gift item is prevalent from quite a long time now and interestingly, it still continues to find its way and always, will. Hence, if you have to find the right gift within a very limited time, you can choose Coffee Mug without a doubt and that way, you have no reason to go wrong with your gift.

We have the wholesaler of excellent mugs and in fact, our 2 Tone Mug is extensively used by users in Singapore.

Foldable Travel Bag: Inspire One to Travel More

Have you ever thought of inspiring someone with a gift? Yes, that is really possible provided that you choose the gift item carefully as per the message in your mind. The Foldable Travel Bag is one of such great gift items and as you give this to your colleague who is departing or retiring, you are actually inspiring him to travel more and have more fun with life.

Our Foldable Travel Bag is the best-selling gift item for many retailers in Singapore and also, it is available in various designs and colors. Your colleague will certainly love to have it as a gift.