Silkscreen Printing Techniques in Singapore

Serigraph or Silkscreen printing is the oldest form of printmaking. Most corporate companies use this technique to print designs and logos on their products of different materials and sizes. It was the technique that evolved during the ‘’Song Dynasty’’ in China, but then gradually adopted by the other Asian countries. This entire process of printing was conducted with a screen made of silk.

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Now silkscreen is replaced by polyester that is readily available and cheaper in cost than silk. The silkscreen printing the technique is equally popular in commercial and art sectors to print a variety of items like:

  • T-shirts
  • Ceramics
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Tote-bags

Silkscreen printing is a powerful technique for branding purposes, and it makes a lot more space for business branding. Corporate gifts wholesale Singapore offers a dynamic range of silk screen printing for a variety of business sectors. This silkscreen printing variety includes textile printing, graphic design printing, and art-making.

Products to use silkscreen printing on:

Here at Corporate Gifts Wholesale Singapore, a wide variety of silkscreen printed products are available. These products include:

  • Notebooks
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Polo Tees
  • Customized bags for businesses

Benefits of silkscreen printing:

Silkscreen printing has so many advantages, such as:

  • Silkscreen printing is a technique that is long-lasting, durable and has a very good quality.
  • It is a versatile printing method that can be used for various items that include common wares, corporate gifts, and art products.
  • Silk screening is affordable and economical for a bulk quantity of products, especially for monochrome designs.

Silkscreen printing technique:

It is an easy technique that involves a few simple steps to perform:

  • Dust and dirt can contaminate the silk screen printing process and damage the quality of print output. First, it is essential to keep the working area clean from clutters and dust.
  • To start silk screen printing, some basic tools are required that include flatbed, framed silkscreen, stencil, squeegee, and ink.
  • Draw, paint, or paint the required design on a tracing, bond paper, or transparency paper.
  • The next step is the preparation of stencil to create a negative of the required image on it. This whole procedure needs to be done in a dark room where the image is transferred to the silkscreen coated with photo emulsion to expose it to UV light. Here the areas exposed to UV light remain intact while the area hidden from UV light washes off.
  • Now the next step is the placing of the product that is required to print. Let suppose it is a T-shirt so place the T-shirt on a flatbed in the right position. There should be no crisps or wrinkles on the item, and the area to print must be evenly flattened.
  • Now it is time to use ink mixture. Follow the label instructions of ink to achieve perfect consistency and ideal blending of inks.
  • After placing the silkscreen on top of the flatbed with the product to print, pour the desired colour mixture on top with the right pressure. Spread the ink evenly from top to bottom till the ink is evenly spread.
  • It is better to wait for a few seconds before lifting the screen away from the product. Carefully lift the screen from the printed product to avoid smudging the edges of the printed design.
  • If it is in need to apply other colours, wait till the base ink is completely dried. Using a multi-colour design, it is advised to apply light colours first and then uses darker colours.

Silkscreen printing Singapore:

Silkscreen printing provides desired print on a numerous range of surfaces with the limitless range of inks in Singapore. Silkscreen printing provides an incredibly rich visual treat with a great diversity of textures and effects. It is a perfectly ideal way to express a thought most creatively. Silkscreen printing in Singapore is the high quality and very affordable on T-shirts, corporate gifts, and custom apparel.

Whether they are quality print for corporate gifts, T-shirt printing, or plaques and trophies printing, you can get the best quality silkscreen printing services with very affordable Singapore prices.