Paper bag(offset)

MOQ: 100 pcs
Printing: Full color
Print Side: Single
Handle Color: White / Black / Red / Blue / Green 13″ Long

PB1 (150mm x 215mm x 60mm)
PB2 (220mm x 200mm x 80mm)
PB3 (215mm x 310mm x 80mm)
PB4 (310mm x 220mm x 100mm)
PB5 (380mm x 275mm x 135mm)
PB6 (275mm x 380mm x 135mm)
PBL001 (295mm x 385mm x 165mm)
PBL002 (350mm x 250mm x 100mm)
PBL003 (360mm x 320mm x 115mm)
PBL004 (260mm x 250mm x 250mm)
PBL005 (410mm x 300mm x 110mm)
PBL006 (450mm x 315mm x 110mm)
PBL007 (295mm x 405mm x 125mm)
PBL008 (310mm x 445mm x 115mm)
PBS001 (210mm x 140mm x 65mm)
PBS002 (235mm x 100mm x 80mm)
PBS003 (200mm x 215mm x 80mm)
PBS004 (210mm x 285mm x 105mm)
PBS005 (290mm x 200mm x 95mm)
PBS006 (350mm x 120mm x 110mm)
(Width X Height X Gusset)

Material (depending on the size):
120gsm Simili Paper (uncoated woodsfree)
157gsm Art Paper + Gloss Lamination (S)
157gsm Art Paper + Matt Lamination (S)
157gsm Art Paper + Matt Lamination (S) + Spot UV (S)
200gsm Art Card + Gloss Lamination (S)
200gsm Art Card + Matt Lamination (S)
Water based (Slightly glossy coating, not waterproof)
260gsm Art Card + Aqueous Coating
260gsm Art Card + Gloss Lamination (S)
260gsm Art Card + Matt Lamination (S)
260gsm Art Card + Matt Lamination (S) + Spot UV (S)

Process Duration:
9 – 12 Working Days

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