Get Best Returns for Your Corporate Gifting

You must give gifting a lot of thought if you want it to give the returns you expect. It is not just buying some items and distributing them among your clients, employees, and other people. You need to look at the people to whom you are going to give the gifts. You must know each of them well and give a gift that is most acceptable to them. All gifts are not suitable for all people. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you must buy your gifts with a lot of planning and think. Consult the employees in your company who interact with the receivers and find out maximum about them. Knowing the people and their details will help to select the best gifts. If you spend time selecting the gifts you can expect good returns for them.

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Follow the Ethics of Gifting

It makes much sense to follow the ethics of gifting. There is no point in making a mistake and suffering the consequences of the mistake. Not giving a gift is better than making blunders. There are some companies that prevent their employees from receiving any gifts. Be sure that the receiver can take gifts from you before sending the gift. Don’t put his or her job in jeopardy. Don’t be the one to break a company’s policy. It could cost you dearly. When you send corporate gifts in Singapore make yourself familiar with the regulations of the company about gifts. Handing over or sending a gift during the negotiation process is a big no. You are putting your chances at risk because that can be considered as a bribe to win the contract.

Please take care not to spoil a relationship by giving a gift. Many people consider gifts as bribe whenever they are given. They may feel that it is a black mark on the fair practices that they have been following. Know the individuals well and ensure that gifting won’t damage the relationship. If someone doesn’t get close personally be careful about what gifts you offer them. It is better to offer them a general gift that won’t have anything to do with their personal preferences. Some people like to keep themselves and their preferences fully private. People who don’t get friendly are better left out of the gift list. Not all people are ready to accept the Singapore corporate gifts that you are offering.

Your Gift Must Amaze the Recipient

It is not just enough to give a gift. You must present it in such a way that the person receiving a gift is amazed by it. The good presentation helps to improve the value of customized corporate gifts. It also shows how much care you have taken to prepare the gift for the person. It shows your interest in giving the gift. That is as important as the gift itself. You must also take care to include a personal note along with the gift. For the most important people, it is best that you personally go and hand over the gift. The person who represents you should ensure that the gift is handed over to the person and not just left at his or her office. All these make a lot of difference to what the person feels about you.

There is always the question about whether you must customize the gifts or not. Customizing means to print your company name or logo on the gift. While it is good for promotional gifts, corporate gifts that must look like it is made from person to person, should not preferably carry any company name or logo. In the case of gifts like the cutlery set in Singapore, it is best to leave out the customizing as it will ensure that the gift is used. It is more important for the person to use the gift than to see your company logo or name. You are already mentioning your name and company on the packaging and the card you send. That must be enough to remind the person about your brand. Timing is another important. It is best to send gifts on days that are more personal like their birthdays or anniversaries. That will have a much better impact than sending the gifts during festivals.

What to Gift?

While the portable cutlery set is s good gift to give to anyone, there is also a wide choice of gifts that can be given. But you must know the person well if you want to send gifts like wine or liquor. For some people that could be against their religious or other beliefs. Sending a gift like a pen is much safer. Send something that they will carry with them. When sending gifts to a team of people, you must send something that all of them can use. A good teapot and cups that they can use during breaks at the office is a good choice. What is most important is to know the person well and select something that he or she will like.