Ensure That Your Gifts Achieve the Goal You Have In Mind

Not all gifts are given to achieve the same goal. Your promotional gifts to the customers are aimed at increasing sales. Sometimes they are also given to promote a new product and ensure that people try the same. Corporate gifts to important clients are given to strengthen the relationship and ensure continued support. Gifts are also given to important people in the industry to talk good about your company and influence buyers. Employees to receive gifts regularly. It improves loyalty to the company and helps in developing a personal touch to the relationship. There are certain things you must observe when giving these gifts. The corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore must also support you in achieving your goal.

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You Must Follow These When Giving Corporate Gifts

When you are giving expensive gifts to some important people in your industry, try to get customized corporate gifts with their names written on them. This will motivate them to carry the gift with them. You must also make sure that your company name or product name doesn’t appear on the gifts. These are not promotional gifts and the recipient must remember you by the quality of the gift and not by seeing your name on it. Most eminent people will not like to carry gifts with advertisements on them.

When you are gifting to a company from where you are expecting a big order, never give the gift before the order has been given to you. If you give the gift during the process it can be construed as a bribe. It could backfire very badly and you could end up losing the order. The gift must be given as a token of gratitude once the project is completed satisfactorily. You must also check whether the company has any policy about accepting gifts. Some companies don’t allow their employees to accept gifts.

Ensure That There Is a Personal Touch

It is not enough to just buy premium corporate gifts for your important clients. You must also ensure to give your personal touch to these gifts. If possible, you must personally hand over the gift to the recipient. If this is not possible you must ensure to attach a personal note with the gift and send it with a messenger who should ensure that the gift is handed over to the recipient. Leaving a gift without meeting the person will not give the same effect.

If your marketing team can find some personal preferences of the recipient then it is easier for you to select the right gift. Someone who is a fan of a football team can be gifted some memorabilia associated with his or her favorite team. If the person is a sportsperson you can gift something that is associated with the sport. This will show the person that you have invested your time and thought into the gift.

When you are gifting your employees also you can find out their liking and gift them something they will cherish. You can also gift your employees some useful items that they can use in their homes. Employees like to show off to their families how caring their company is. Alternatively, you can hand over red packets in Singapore which is a usual practice in many companies. This will give your employees the freedom to buy whatever they find necessary.

Guide To Handing Over Red Packets

Getting a red packet in Singapore is considered very lucky and this is done usually during the Chinese New Year. Red symbolizes good luck and this is why these packets are usually distributed during the New Year. But nowadays they are used for gifting purposes on many other occasions. Companies use these packets to keep their employees happy by distributing them on important dates like the employees’ birthday or anniversary.

There are also certain practices with what amount you include in the cover. Four is considered unlucky by the Chinese and so you must take care not to give any amount that has 4 in it. Eight is considered to be the luckiest number by the Chinese and hence you can include any amount that relates to eight. Even numbers like 2, 4, and 6 are also considered to be lucky. Remembering these will be nice when you are handing over the packets.

Red packets printing in Singapore is done in many places. You can get your red packets printed along with your company name. Keeping a good number of these packets can help you give gifts at any time of the year. This is one gift that you can give to any of your employees or associates without fear of not being accepted.

Corporate gifting is something that you must put a lot of your thoughts and time in. Presenting the right gift can go a long way in bringing people to your side. Everyone likes gifts and if these are personalized to their liking, you can be certain that they will think in your favor when the time comes. A good supplier is also vital if you want to give innovative and unique gifts on all occasions.